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Thinking of going on a cruise? Here’s an overview and reasons why you should go!

If you love to travel to many countries in one trip, or you want to start traveling and get a feel of a few different countries, then cruises might just be the way to go! No matter what your age, a cruise has a lot of perks. When you’re on a cruise, you don’t have to worry about unpacking and packing every few days, which makes it even better than booking a vacation with tour company like Trafalgar or YMT. Similar to a typical tour, when you book excursions, you have an informative guide who fluently speaks a country’s language. Plus, when you book excursions with a tour group, the ship will not leave you at a port if you’re running late. I’ve done tours with both companies, and now a cruise with YMT, and I think I prefer cruising the best. I really enjoyed living on a ship!


You’ll visit so many cities on a crusie, and even if you’re there less than a day, you do get an overview of all the city’s highlights. Usually there is a walking tour around the most touristy places.

The YMT tour I booked is the 18-day, 8-country tour called the Grand European Cruise and Tour. We flew into Milan, Italy and from there went to:

Savona, Italy

Marseille, France

Aix-en-Provence, France

Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Vigo, Spain

Le Havre, France

Harwich, England

Lisse, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Stockholm, Sweden

If you are worried about spending so much time on a ship, you needn’t worry. I would say about 90% of the time, it didn’t even feel like we were moving. Out of the all the sailing days, there was only one evening where I felt a little seasick, and that was at the beginning of the cruise¬† as we approached Marseille when the sea was quite rough.

Our ship was the Costa Luminosa and it was humongous, yet very stately.


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Travel Tour Throwdown: Trafalgar vs YMT

Trafalgar Tour Museum Tickets
Tickets for the many tour excursions

Tours can be a great way to see many different countries in a short amount of time without having to plan all the logistics of traveling to each country, booking hotels, and reading up on all the major sightseeing destinations. However, tours can also feel rushed if the tour guide has to keep the tour flowing within a packed schedule, and sometimes meals are pre-planned so there might not be time to try out the cafe or restaurant you were looking forward to. Also, the larger the tour, the more frazzled the tour guide may be, since he or she has to be in charge of so many people getting back to agreed upon meeting points at a specific time. In short, tours are definitely not for everyone! This post will compare two popular tour companies, Trafalgar vs YMT, and shed some light into what each entails.

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