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Parisian-inspired style for visiting theme parks

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I love all things Disney, especially visiting their theme parks. I love planning my trips down to where I’m going to eat at each park and at what times, but after 15 visits to the parks in Orlando, Anaheim, and Paris, one problem still exists – deciding what to wear at the parks. What to wear on the bottom half is easy: black, slim pants or shorts. They go with everything, can take multiple wearings, and don’t show dirt as easily. It’s the perfect top that seems to be so elusive!

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I have an upcoming trip in December and I’ve already booked pretty much everything (actually, I booked everything in July!). The flight, hotel, restaurants I want to try, and shuttle are all set. Yet I still don’t know what to wear!

Many factors are involved in decided what to pack: weather, comfort, style, and luggage space. I know I want to keep my attire Parisian-influenced, meaning my outfits have to be effortless, comfortable, and stylish. I’ve been curating a closet that meets this criteria for awhile now, and I’ve managed to find many items on sale. I’ve also found items that are reminiscent of designer styles for a fraction of the price. You just have to keep an eye out no matter where you go!

I’ve curated some beautiful shirts that I plan on buying when they’re on sale, and also using them as inspiration while I continue my search for what to wear to my upcoming trip to Disney. They are definitely perfect to wear to parks that are magical and full of fairy-tales!

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