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Traveling to 4 countries in 1 day: Is it worth it?

Need a new travel challenge? I definitely felt that way after experiencing most every possible travel situation: traveling with family, friends, and solo; traveling using tour companies; and traveling while planning every detail myself. Luckily I had some adventurous friends who were feeling the same way, and we decided to challenge ourselves and have each meal in a different country!

Our day’s itinerary: breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Liechtenstein, a snack in Austria, and dinner in Germany. Not only that, we wanted to incorporate different types of transportation, including a bus, train, and a ferry. Read on to see if it was worth it or if everything felt too rushed!

St Gallen Switzerland city centre

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Winter/Spring in one image: Dual climates in Lucerne, Switzerland

Happy New Year Everyone!

I intended to take just a brief hiatus while I started a new job, but moving and settling in took much longer than expected. But now it’s back to blogging about traveling!

Today it’s going to snow much of the day, and this reminded me of my trip to Lucerne and the beautiful, unique view I had at the top of Mt. Riji. Come join me as we travel by train up a Swiss mountain!

Switzerland Lucerne Mount Rigi
Unique view at the top of Mt. Rigi

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