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Review: The best Smörgåsbord in Sweden

The Swedes know how to do a buffet. Smörgåsbord literally means sandwich table. But what I had at the Veranda in the Grand Hotel on a sunny, but cold, Stockholm day was way beyond this. I was traveling with a friend on this trip, and we definitely wanted to have a proper Swedish meal here. Sidenote: We couldn’t afford to stay in the hotel but figured we could treat ourselves to one superb meal while on Easter holiday break from our PhD studies. Splurging a bit on a nice meal while traveling is an excellent way to indulge without spending a fortune. As I learned, the best way to savor a Swedish Smörgåsbord is to show up early and follow the rules.

Now, join me as I experience a traditional smörgåsbord at the Veranda! Let’s set the scene, shall we?

I spotted the Grand Hotel in the distance, the flags on its roof drawing our attention to its stately exterior.

Stockholm Sweden Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel is the building on the right.
Stockholm Sweden Grand Hotel exterior
Grand Hotel

Upon arriving, I realized that I was in for a truly unique and enjoyable meal.

From the elegant front doors…

Paris in Boston Stockholm Sweden Grand Hotel Sign

to the luxurious entrance of the hotel….

this was indeed a tranquil and refined atmosphere, perfect for whiling away the time with an unforgettable meal.

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