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Lately…Paris scenes from Boston

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A fountain in Boston worthy of being found in one of Paris’ gardens
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Bistro-style seating at the Boston Public Library
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Wistfully thinking this section of Newbury Street is part of a garden in Paris
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An advertisement for an exhibition while strolling by an art gallery on Newbury Street
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Beautiful architecture in Boston
Pastry selection at Explorateur
More delectable pastries!
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A day at the Louvre in Paris (and unexpected details and sections to look out for)

The Louvre offers so many exhibits and works of art that it could take weeks to see every single item. However, not everyone can afford to spend months in Paris on a holiday, although I’m sure many of us would love that!

For someone planning a visit to the Louvre, it might be helpful to see some highlights and the different types of art on display so you know what to expect. Since the objects span prehistory to the 21st century, there’s no shortage of interesting information to learn and see.

Let’s begin our tour of the Louvre!

Paris Louvre interior courtyard

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