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Pros & Cons of becoming a student again

Last week I discussed quitting my full-time job to move abroad and get a PhD. In this post, I’ll discuss both the pros and cons of becoming a FT student again after years of working FT.

Considering whether or not to quit my job, applying, and moving abroad were only a few of the concerns I had of becoming a PhD student and studying abroad.

Another concern was the process of mentally adjusting to life as a student again.

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This included giving up luxuries such as having my own office as a full-time upper-level professional at a university, renting my own apartment that I could afford on my full-time salary, and having the money to spend on leisurely activities like going to movies, concerts, and eating at nice restaurants.

While these are some cons to becoming a student again, there are plenty of benefits!  Let’s focus on both the pros and cons in more detail.

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