Digital self-portrait in Paris


Bonjour and welcome to Finding Paris in Boston!

My name is Gen and after living in Boston for 6 years, I decided to quit my job and pursue two dreams: living abroad and earning a PhD. I chose to study at a university in the UK not only because of its program, but because it was just a 2 hour Eurostar ride to Paris!

From the beginning, I really had no idea of the process for studying abroad or just how much I had to learn about UK culture, even though it’s an English-speaking country. From modifying the spelling of common words to figuring out the NHS system, there was a lot to learn. However, after about a year of living in the UK, I eventually felt like a bona fide UK resident, not to mention an honorary Parisian from all the trips I made!

After I graduated, I moved back to Boston, but I really miss living abroad. I especially miss Paris, its food, culture, and how everything seemed like a work of art. I created Finding Paris in Boston so I could bring a little bit of Paris into my everyday life. My hope is that Finding Paris in Boston will help highlight how Paris is never really far away if you know where to look.