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Finding Boston’s Parc Monceau: Ramler Park

Paris is known for its beautiful, lush, sweeping parks, and they’re one of the many reasons I really miss Paris. While they all have the requisite benches, ponds, lakes, fountains, and lots of flowers and greenery, each park has something unique about it.

Once I moved back to Boston, I made sure to spend any free time just wandering around, much like I would do in Paris. As a result, I’ve found so many beautiful and serene spots that I never noticed before – and I lived here for 6 years!

On on particular trip, I discovered Ramler Park. This park is really well-hidden and probably only known by its residents.

What caught my attention were flashes of the most vibrant cobalt blue. Once I stepped inside and saw this charming park, I knew I found my Boston-version of Parc Monceau.

Wandering definitely pays off!

Boston Ramler Park fountain

Luckily I didn’t see this sign when I passed by the park, otherwise I might have just walked by. The sign is really unassuming, especially once you see what’s inside.

Boston Ramler Park Sign

Let’s go in!

I love how you can see a glimpse of a fountain from the entrance. The gorgeous cobalt blue of the fountain and benches really stand out. But the best is yet to come!

Boston Ramler Park


Isn’t this bench perfectly framed by the colorful plants and trees? It looks like the perfect place to read.

Boston Ramler Park

More cobalt benches!


This scene is just glorious, I want to just jump right in!

Boston Ramler Park

I really love fountains; there’s something soothing about listening to the water fall. To me, it’s the perfect background noise when reading.


If you’ve read my post on Parc Monceau, you’ll see that it has a most unexpected Greek Collanade:

Paris in Boston Parc Monceau
Parc Monceau in Paris

Imagine my surprise when I found a mini-version in this park!

Boston Ramler Park

Boston Ramler Park

There’s even a book exchange under the columns, where you leave a book and take a book. What a great idea!

A mini-library within the columns!

Boston Ramler Park Greek columns

This really is an oasis away from the city, exactly like the parks in Paris. I’m so glad I found it over the summer and that I saw it with all the flowers blooming. I’ll definitely be back to see it once the weather gets warmer.


However, right now it’s winter and the park looks like this:

Boston Ramler Park in Winter

I don’t think Paris’ winters are so bad that the snow reaches the benches!

Boston Ramler Park in Winter

On this visit, I noticed that the wrought iron fence incorporates birds into its design. It’s the little details that make me happy 🙂

Boston Ramler Park Fence

What’s your favorite find while wandering your city? Let me know in the comments!