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Homemade marbled jewelry plates

It currently feels like -22 degrees (F) outside, so what better way to spend the day than to make some crafts that are not only beautiful, but useful!

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish
All homemade by me!

I just love art, and one of my hobbies is finding new ways to express my creative side. Among my favorite recent classes are learning how to oil paint, play the piano and violin, and cook French food.

However, it shouldn’t cost a lot of money to be creative, which is why I think this project is perfect.

Last summer, my sister and I were brainstorming potential bridal shower gifts, but in the end, we decided we wanted to make the gifts ourselves. This would be so much more meaningful than just buying gifts online.

On one fortuitous Google search, I found instructions for making marbled jewelry dishes. They looked so pretty, and each one would look completely different from one another.

I won’t include any instructions here describing how to make these marbled jewelry dishes since the website linked above already has an excellent tutorial and video, but I will provide some helpful tips at the end of this post that I learned after making these plates.

It took some trial and error to get the plates to look right, but in the end, they turned out beautifully!

Practice makes perfect, and this photo showing our process for creating the initial plate shows just how far we still had to go!

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish process

What’s wrong in the picture above? Well, the marbling effect wasn’t quite right, and we rolled out the clay too thin.

When baking the dishes, try to find a glass dish wide enough that the clay can sink into a bit:

This is the result of hours of making plates one evening with my sister! After we baked these plates, we painted a gold rim around the plates and used a clear glaze to make it a waterproof.

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish process
A gilded rim was painted on after these plates cooled down

While we ended up giving circle-shaped plates at the bridal shower, I tried finding an interesting shape to cut out new plates with.

My most favorite one I used is this shape, which is just an old Fortnum & Mason tea tin.

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish shape

Since I also love tea, I save and collect all my beautiful tea tins. By the way, Fortnum & Mason is magical, you must visit their store in London!

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish shape

The shape, plus the addition of a gilded edge, really elevates them to something truly special!

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish


Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish

All ready to be used!

Homemade Marbled Jewelry Dish

Here are some that I made that are being used to hold some of my jewelry:

Plates 15


  1. Buy clay with glitter or sparkles in it to make the plates extra special (and look more expensive!)
  2. Use cardboard or paper without any printing on it as a base for rolling your clay out, as the ink might bleed onto the clay.
  3. To get an intricate marbled pattern, when twisting the clay, make sure to twist the individual strands of colored clay in addition to twisting all the strands of clay together.
  4. Make sure the thickness of the rolled clay is thick enough; I think the thinnest the plate should be is 1/4 inch. This ensures that the plate won’t be easily cracked in half once it’s baked.
  5. Try using interesting shapes to cut out the clay instead of a circle.
  6. Buy a gold-leaf pen to ensure a more precise gilded edge. I bought gold-leaf paint and it was tricky to get clean edges, and the excess paint can’t be wiped off. I also bought a copper leafing pen, and this was better for more control.
  7. Save some money and skip the glaze! We found that it made the plates a bit sticky, and they looked better without the shine anyway.

Enjoy! Let me know if you try this out yourselves or if you have any questions!