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Review: The best Kouign-Amann in Boston

After eating the delicious pastries in Paris, it’s tough to go back to supermarket-quality pastries. However, finding my Parisian favorite in Boston has eluded me, until I found it at Flour Bakery!

Among the Paris-worthy croissants and brioches was kouign-amann, a delectable buttery pastry that originated in Brittany, France. While not as well-known as other French pastries, kouign-amann is quickly gaining fans. It even was the topic of a Boston Globe article a couple of years ago.

Flour Bakery interior seating beautiful wallpaper

I recently stopped by Flour bakery as I had a conference nearby, and was thrilled to find that they had many different types of pastries to choose from for breakfast.

The exterior of Flour is unassuming if you’re on the lookout for typical French pastries, but once you step inside and see their selection, you’ll know that you’re in the right place!

Flour Bakery Boston Exterior

Even at 7am there’s already a queue!

Flour Bakery Boston interior

The displays aren’t as creative and artistic as patisseries in France, but I can definitely say that the displays showcase each and every scone, croissant, and muffin!

Flour Bakery pastry selection

For a small space, they offer a lot on their menu for breakfast and lunch. They even offered pastries that weren’t listed on the menu, like that day’s kouign-amann.

Flour Bakery menu

Flour Bakery Boston pastry selection

Next time I have to try that sugar brioche bun, yum!

Flour Bakery Boston pastry selection

You can also pick up lunch and dessert for later.

Flour Bakery Boston cold foods

Flour bakery also has its own line of products and cookbooks that are on display as you queue.

Flour Bakery merchandise

At this Flour location, there was a hidden surprise. Seating at the back was surrounded by this beautiful graphic wallpaper that really made me feel like I was eating my breakfast at a very posh place.

Flour Bakery interior seating beautiful wallpaper

On to the kouign-amann! The one at Flour was very similar to the one I had in Paris – buttery, flaky, and delicious!

Flour Bakery kouign amann

Flour Bakery kouign amann

Flour Bakery kouign amann

I watch the Great British Baking Show, and in one of the episodes they had to make kouign amann. After watching the bakers make this complicated pastry, I have an even greater appreciation of it!

Have you tried kouign amann? What’s your favorite place to get French pastries in the US?