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Finding Italy in Boston

If you’ve ever been to Harrods, you most likely have seen their gorgeous food hall. If I were to explain it very simply, it’s an upscale food market where you can find foods from around the world. But it’s so much more than that! It is truly an experience for all the senses; not only do they have a wide variety of foods, but there are different restaurants full of delicious aromas, and the food hall itself is like walking into a jewelry box.

I felt the same way when I walked into Eataly in Boston. I know Harrods is in London and this post is about Italy, but I just wanted to set the scene of experiencing Eataly 😉 Granted, nothing can match the splendor of Harrods’ food hall, but Eataly definitely has its own charm. It can also be categorized as a food hall, but with foods representing only one country: Italy.

Eataly Boston entrance

While not located in a department store like at Harrods, Eataly can be found in a similar shopping mecca, the Prudential Center. If you can’t take a trip to Italy right away, going to Eataly might be the next best thing! Not only does this Italian marketplace have Italian coffee, they have gelato, focaccia, pizza, desserts like cannoli, and a grocery! Let’s take a look around.

Since the food counters are all towards the front of Eataly, we’ll stop by each one. Walking into the entrance on the left, you’ll find a Caffè Vergnano. Stop by if you want authentic Italian espresso, along with delicious pastries, for an Italian breakfast!

Eataly Boston entrance

Eataly Boston entrance

To the right of the entrance is Caffè Vergnano, which has a beautiful blue and white counter with delicious-looking paninis displayed in its window.

Here, you’ll find a selection of paninis, cheese, and sausages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It should be noted that there is really no place to sit inside Eataly if you order food from the food counters, but there is plenty of seating in Prudential.

Eataly Boston sandwiches

Walking past these two counters, you’ll find even more Italian food to love! La Panetteria sells homemade bread topped with sweet and savory ingredients. If you’re lucky, there might even be some free samples to try!

Eataly Boston bread panini

Having sampled some Italian espresso and bread, there’s no better food counter to go to next than to the desserts! La Pasticceria e Venchi has so many delectable pastries and cakes to choose from. The artistry and displays definitely remind me of French bakeries.

Eataly Boston pastries desserts

Eataly Boston pastries desserts

We can’t forget the gelato! There’s always so many flavors to choose from, it’s difficult to decide.

Eataly Boston gelato

If you’re looking for something more substantial to eat, Eataly also has some restaurants to choose from. Within those restaurants are little bars where you can sit and order food from as well.

There’s a raw bar featuring oysters, one of my favorites!

Eataly Boston Umbrellas

There’s also a bar for meats and cheeses, two items that can make a satisfying meal.

Eataly Boston restaurant

Also, how about the cool umbrella decorations on the ceiling? It makes for a very light and cheery atmosphere.

Eataly Boston Umbrellas

Thinking about taking food home and cooking your own authentic Italian meal? There’s a fully stocked Italian grocery store in Eataly with all the ingredients you need! They have fresh produce displayed in these charming stands.

Eataly Boston Food for Sale

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be found in the refrigerated section.

Eataly Boston Food for Sale

I loved these Italian candies in their beautiful packaging when I was in Italy, and I was happy to see them for sale here!

Eataly Boston Candy

Fresh pasta and sauces are also for sale if you don’t have time to make your own – and really, who does?

Eataly Boston Food for Sale

I’ve eaten at two of their restaurants, La Pizza & La Pasta and La Piazza. Of those two, I’ve eaten at La Pizza & La Pasta twice and each time ordered the most delicious pappardelle and mushroom dish.

Eataly Boston Pappardelle
My favorite dish here!

In addition to this dish, we’ve also ordered an appetizer of mozzarella and prosciutto, sausage pizza, and other pasta dishes that I can’t recall right now. Everything was delicious and we enjoyed everything. The pasta is homemade and the portions are perfect.

Eataly Boston Mozzarella and Prosciutto
Mozzarella and prosciutto appetizer

At La Piazza, the ravioli dish was also good. I met up with my friend who works at Prudential and she ordered the homemade mozzarella and basil salad. It must be so nice to work at the Prudential and be able to go here everyday!

Eataly Boston Ravioli

Eataly Boston Mozzarella Basil Salad

La Piazza is good, but I think unless you just want the meat or cheese board, I’d stick to La Pizza & La Pasta for a better selection of food.

Eataly Boston Ravioli and Mozzarella Salad

Here’s a photo I posted from Instagram on my first visit – I think it captures our meal! I love their bags, and it does indeed feel like I just took a quick trip to Italy 🙂

Eataly Boston Pappardelle

I hope you enjoyed a tour around Eataly! I would definitely go back for that pappardelle dish, it was SO good! Next time I’ll have to try the raw bar and one of their cheese plates!