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The best pastry shop in Portugal

You probably guessed it already, but of course, the best pastry shop in Portugal is located in the Belém region of Lisbon! Pastéis de Belém makes the best Pastel de Belém, a delicious egg tart pastry. Not only that, but the pastry shop itself is so charming, with its main colors of blue and white incorporated into its logo, awnings, interior, cups, and plates.

Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem

Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem

Paris in Boston Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem

The line may be long, but the pastry is so worth the wait! The shop’s window display even highlights the Pastel de Belém.

Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem

Portugal is known for colorful tiles, and Pastéis de Belém is no exception. Blue and white tiles decorate the shop’s exterior. Right next to these tiles are signs in English and Portuguese, along with a list of pastries and their prices.

Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem

I think the prices have gone up a bit since I last went so they now cost over 1€, but it is still an excellent deal.


Their logo and blue and white color scheme is everywhere in the shop – I love it!


A very small look into the different types of pastries they sell.


This shop reminded me of patisseries in Paris not only because of the delicious pastries, but also because the shop itself is a work of art – look at that ornate ceiling!


However, we were only here for one pastry only, the Pastel de Belém! These were glorious…and since this shop is also located next to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (a monastery), I think that’s the ideal word to describe them! I bought two, and I ate two. The pastry is so light and flakey, and the filling is very rich. Even if you don’t like eggs, I recommend you try these as they didn’t taste like eggs at all, even if they’re known as an egg tart.


The shop’s logo is also in a mosaic at its entrance.


My pictures of the shop itself don’t do it justice, so take a look at their website for stunning photos. Their website is also helpful if you want to learn more about the Belém area.

Parin in Boston Lisbon Portugal Pasteis de Belem
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Now I wish I was back in Portugal so I can have some Pastel de Belém for breakfast! Hope you enjoyed our trip to Belém!