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Review: A new bistro in Boston – Explorateur opens!

The new restaurant Explorateur opened this past Monday, and I couldn’t wait to see it for myself! I read a review by Boston Magazine, and it said that the owners were inspired by restaurants in Paris and London and the fact that places there serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, the accompanying photos were stunning! I decided to go first thing today for breakfast since I figured it would be less busy in the morning and there would a good selection of pastries and cakes on display. Without further ado, let’s have a look around!

The restaurant is conveniently located right across from the Boylston T stop. The building itself is quite beautiful, and it has an impressive history. When this building (at least the first floor) became a restaurant, windows were added to the front, replacing colorful murals.


When you walk inside, the first thing you might notice is the spacious, library-like seating. Since they’re opening a Library Room very soon, it makes complete sense!


From the cool tiles to the plentiful seating, it’s clear that this restaurant intended to create a comfortable space that encourages its patrons to stay awhile and relax.

But lets get to the food! Directly across from the above seating area is the selection of pastries, cakes, and quiches. This is also where you queue, order food, pay, and pick up your food.

As you can see, they had a lot of delicious-looking pastries to choose from today!

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Food

There were some French favorites like croissants and pan au chocolat:

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Pastries

Some English favorites like scones:

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Pastries

And of course, American favorites like muffins and chocolate chip cookies!

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Pastries

If that weren’t enough, they also had different quiches and cakes!

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Quiche Cakes

If coffee or tea doesn’t interest you, they also have a nice selection of cold beverages. This one in particular had a pretty design.

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Drinks

I decided to go with the Chedder Chive Scone since I was missing the UK and all the scones I used to buy for breakfast at M&S. The line went rather quickly, but I imagine during busier times, it could take awhile to order and get your food.

If you want a heartier breakfast, there are menus available with many French options.

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Menu

When I went to pay for my food, the credit card machine wouldn’t work. The manager came out to help, and when it still wouldn’t work he told me and another customer that our orders were on the house!! Such kindness! It made an already happy day even better 🙂

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Order

If you don’t order anything to drink, they do have free water and cups by the entrance. This is also where you’ll find utensils and napkins.

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Water Utencils

I got my scone and went to pick out a seat. There was cushy bench seating, seating at those long library tables at the front, booths, and seating at the bar.

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Seating Interior

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Seating Interior


Explorateur Restaurant Boston Seating Interior

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Interior Seating

I chose to sit at the back at a corner table.

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Interior Seating

The scone was really good, light and flaky, and I could taste the chedder and chives. I thought I would still be hungry after just one scone, but it was surprisingly filling!

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Chedder Chive Scone

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Chedder Chive Scone

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Chedder Chive Scone

As you can see in the photos above, customers were studying, working on computers, or chatting, and waitstaff weren’t pushy about people staying too long. This was nice as it reminded me of eating at restaurants in Paris where they don’t rush customers to make room for new ones. I hope this is still the case when this place gets busier!

A few more pictures before we go:

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Bar

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Interior Order Coffee Machine

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Interior Seating

Explorateur Restaurant Boston Window Sign

Thank you Explorateur for a fantastic new [studying, delicious, relaxing, fun] place in Boston!