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Thinking of going on a cruise? Here’s an overview and reasons why you should go!

If you love to travel to many countries in one trip, or you want to start traveling and get a feel of a few different countries, then cruises might just be the way to go! No matter what your age, a cruise has a lot of perks. When you’re on a cruise, you don’t have to worry about unpacking and packing every few days, which makes it even better than booking a vacation with tour company like Trafalgar or YMT. Similar to a typical tour, when you book excursions, you have an informative guide who fluently speaks a country’s language. Plus, when you book excursions with a tour group, the ship will not leave you at a port if you’re running late. I’ve done tours with both companies, and now a cruise with YMT, and I think I prefer cruising the best. I really enjoyed living on a ship!


You’ll visit so many cities on a crusie, and even if you’re there less than a day, you do get an overview of all the city’s highlights. Usually there is a walking tour around the most touristy places.

The YMT tour I booked is the 18-day, 8-country tour called the Grand European Cruise and Tour. We flew into Milan, Italy and from there went to:

Savona, Italy

Marseille, France

Aix-en-Provence, France

Barcelona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Vigo, Spain

Le Havre, France

Harwich, England

Lisse, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Berlin, Germany

Stockholm, Sweden

If you are worried about spending so much time on a ship, you needn’t worry. I would say about 90% of the time, it didn’t even feel like we were moving. Out of the all the sailing days, there was only one evening where I felt a little seasick, and that was at the beginning of the cruise  as we approached Marseille when the sea was quite rough.

Our ship was the Costa Luminosa and it was humongous, yet very stately.


I know it may be difficult to believe that being on a cruise ship can be so smooth, but it really was!

Boarding time! Every group is given a number so we had to wait until our number was called to board the ship. The waiting area is bright and airy, and we didn’t wait to long either.



The ship itself is very nice and comfortable. Here is the dining area where breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner are served buffet style.


The indoor pool area had plenty of space to lounge around. I preferred the lounge chairs on the perimeter of the pool so I could read my Kindle and watch the ocean!



The outdoor pool area was just past the dining room that serves the buffet, so it was a great place not only to lounge, but also bring your food to dine ocean-side.


The spa areas were luxurious as well, but we never found the time to use their services. There was so much else to see on the ship!



Our cabin was small as expected, but it had everything we needed. Internet was an additional charge, so I just waited until our  port of calls to find free internet.


The areas surrounding the central area with the elevators, lounge areas, and dining room were fun and fancy. Even though cabins were small, there were so many places you can go to relax, read, eat, socialize, and participate in many ship activities. When the ship was at sea for the whole day, I did a lot of lounging and all of the arts & crafts activities. I painted ceramic plates, Venetian masks, and made jewelry.

Of course, the best part was just exploring the beautiful ship!



Meals were also something to look forward too, especially when we ate in a room that looked like this!


The formal dining room seemed to go on forever! Each group is assigned the same table for formal dinners and breakfasts, but there is also an option for buffet meals.

If you like to eat, cruises are made for you. The buffet selections for breakfast were amazing, and probably my favorite part of the cruise. There was just so much delicious food to choose from, and they always had my favorites: smoked salmon, focaccia with olives, fruit tarts, and watermelon 🙂








If you prefer sit-down meals and waiters in formal wear, then meals in that beautiful dining room is what you’ll probably look forward to the most, like I did!


For the formal dinner, we were presented with a proper menu every time.


We could order anything we liked on the menu; we could even order every single item, or ask for seconds or thirds! The pasta was always good, and the desserts were so delicious!







Of course, what’s a cruise without stunning views? Only on a  cruise can you watch a sunrise from 8 different countries while eating a breakfast from that amazing buffet!


Then there are the views that you can only see in the middle of the ocean!




Thanks for joining me on my cruise! Will you be choosing a cruise for your next vacation? 🙂

*Updated with links to posts about the cities I visited!

2 thoughts on “Thinking of going on a cruise? Here’s an overview and reasons why you should go!”

  1. Great post and some fabulous photos. Always fancied going on a cruise but we have always been worried about feeling a bit trapped on the ship. May need to rethink that.

    1. Thank you!! I highly recommend going on a cruise 🙂 I’m someone who loves to walk and doesn’t like feeling trapped either, but I didn’t feel that way at all. The type of ship and the travel company had a lot to do with enjoying the cruise, so it’s good to pick a ship that’s not too small and a cruise that has lots of port of calls!