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The best French restaurant in Boston and learning about “Pate du Fruit”

I have eaten at Aquitaine three times now, and every time I step inside the restaurant, I feel as if I’m transported from Boston to a brasserie in Paris. Great care was taken with everything about the restaurant, from the lighting to the leather seating and table settings. Most importantly, the menu selection and food truly live up to Aquitaine’s excellent reputation!

Paris in Boston Aquitaine Boston Window

Surprisingly, the interior of Aquitaine is small, but as we arrived for an early dinner on a Wednesday evening, it hardly mattered since there were few people inside and it felt quite spacious.

Tip 1:

Try to request a corner seat in this section along the wall. Seating is tight and the corner seats allow extra space.

Paris in Boston Aquitaine Boston InteriorAquitaine Boston Interior

Tip 2:

Unquestionably, you get the best deal when you visit during Restaurant Week, which occurs twice a year. It runs for two weeks during the winter in February, and two weeks in the summer during August.  In Boston, Restaurant Week recently took place during August 6-11 and 13-18.

Tip 3:

An even better deal is to go during lunch, where a three course lunch costs $20, compared to a three course dinner costing $38 for the same exact menu. I’m guessing the portion sizes are exactly the same as well.

Here is the lunch menu:

Aquitaine Restaurant Week Menu Lunch

Here is the Dinner Menu listing the same items for twice the price:

Paris in Boston Aquitaine Boston Restaurant Week Menu Dinner

Everything on the menu looked good, making it difficult to decide.

So what did I order?

Appetizer: Crispy Pork Rillettes

Paris in Boston Aquitaine Boston Pork Rillettes Restaurant Week

The pork rillettes dish was basically a salad, but even with simple ingredients, this salad was delicious. I think what made it outstanding was the lemon caper alioli. Salad dressings truly make any ordinary salad special!

Main Course: Steak

Paris in Boston Aquitaine Boston Steak Restaurant Week

The steak was cooked well and also very good. It’s not the best steak I’ve had in Boston, but it was tasty. The best steak in Boston would be at Ruth’s Chris Steak House – also a very good deal during Restaurant Week!

For dessert, I choose the Trio of Lime Sorbet, Lime pate du fruit (which was basically jello!), and Lime Sabl√© Cookie. From reading the description, it seemed like this desert would be three separate items delicately arranged on a plate. What arrived was a tall glass dish containing a scoop of the sorbet, lime jello, and a cookie. I was a bit disappointed in this dessert since it didn’t seem French at all! I was especially appalled, yet a bit impressed, that they had the gall to describe the jello as “pate du fruit”. From now on, I will only call jello “pate du fruit”. Needless to say, I didn’t take any pictures of dessert.

All in all, Aquitaine always serves a delicious French-inspired menu, and this visit was no different. Even better, I came away learning a new euphemism for jello!

Paris in Boston pate du fruit Aquitaine