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Let's visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC! – Part 1: Arrival and viewing famous artworks

I recently visited New York and its famous Met museum, and wow, it did not disappoint. I lived in NY for two years as a Masters student and never made the trip downtown to visit any museum, which is such a shame. So on a Saturday this July, I made it a priority to finally visit the Met and see all it had to offer. Let’s see shall we?

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The Met is not that close to a subway stop, which is hard to believe since it’s a major tourist destination. We took the train to 86th street and had to walk a few blocks towards Central Park and the Museum Mile. On this street, there are a few other museums to visit, like the Guggenheim.

It was a very humid day, and depending on your group, it might be a quick walk to the museum or a slow one. Either way, it’s NY so the walk is full of interesting buildings to see!

Once you arrive at the museum, you’ll see that it’s very imposing, as most museums usually are. Summer weekends are especially busy, but we didn’t have any wait to get in.


You’ll have to go through security and show them your bags, but the process is quick and efficient. Once through, you can finally take in the grand lobby of the museum and head towards one of the ticket desks to purchase your admissions ticket.

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The Met has an interesting process for tickets: you pay what you can. I’ve heard some people say that an employee might try to loudly embarrass a visitor to shame them into paying more, but on this day this wasn’t the case at all. There were three of us visiting on this day, and we ended up paying $10 each. It was a pretty fair process!

This next picture is one of many of the beautiful rooms in the museum. I actually first saw this room through a window while we were walking in another gallery. I love that the museum is designed to give you sneak peaks of other galleries while you are visiting a completely different gallery!


Our first mission: visit the Impressionist paintings and see many works of art by Monet, my favorite artist of all-time!!

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Monet

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Monet

Of course, there were many other important artists showcased as well.

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Monet

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Impressionist

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Impressionist

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Seurat

A self-portrait by Van Gogh:Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Van Gogh

I really enjoyed this room with works by Degas. I happened to catch it just as visitors were leaving.

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Degas

Just outside is a beautiful display of Degas’ sculptures.




The Impressionism area had the first of many pleasant surprises, a complete dining room from a Paris apartment from the early 1900s.

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Wisteria Dining Room

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Wisteria Dining Room

It was so amazing to see these works of art in person. My PhD research focused on digital arts and responses to seeing museum works through a computer or tablet, and while these digital experiences are worthwhile, there’s nothing like being in the presence of the original artwork to appreciate the artists’ talents.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our visit to the Met! In Part 2, we’ll explore the special exhibition celebrating the fashion and innovation of Comme des Garçons.