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My best find: Raymond Weil watch (Cartier Tank look-alike) for £7.50!

One of my hobbies is scouring places like eBay, charity shops (as they say in the UK), and stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls for awesome deals. I mention my love of this in my Instagram and Twitter profiles, but I’ve never really posted about it. However, I figured I should post on a variety of topics that I enjoy, and deal-hunting is definitely one of them!

I’ve always loved the look of Cartier’s tank watch, with it’s graceful rectangle face and the elegant font of the numbers, but there’s no way I would pay those prices. It’s just so much for a watch! I’ve looked on eBay for pre-owned ones, but I thought the prices were still too much. I had resigned myself to settling for a much-less expensive watch.

They say you find what you’re looking for when you’re not looking, and that’s exactly what happened when I found my perfect watch, for a crazy-low price.

Raymond Weil watch lookalike Cartier Tank

I went to a friend’s birthday dinner when I was in Canterbury, and afterwards I walked back home.

The route takes me through the city centre and past many charity shops. It also runs through a train track where gates come down when there’s a train approaching.

All these factors combined for the perfect situation. Just as I was nearing the train tracks, the bells rang to indicate that the gates were closing. I knew I had around a 5 minute wait until the train passed, so I walk back towards some shops to have a browse.

At this time, all the shops were closed, so I could only window shop. Well, imagine my surprise and glee when I looked at the jewelry at the closest thrift shop and found that there was a watch that looked exactly like the Cartier tank watch that I loved!

Not only that, but it was priced at £7.50!!

Cartier Tank Watch
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Raymond Weil watch lookalike Cartier Tank
$7.50 Swiss watch!

I checked the times posted on the window and vowed to come back the next day at 10:00 am to buy the watch, hoping that no one else would spot this amazing find and purchase it before me.

The next morning before 10:00 am I raced back to the shop to make sure the watch was still there. Sure enough, it was still in the window, and still only £7.50.

I told the shop lady which watch I wanted to buy, and she told me that they put in brand new batteries and replaced the old watch band with a brand new leather one. I think even those updates cost more than £7.50!

After I bought the watch, I did a little research. It was Swiss-made by Raymond Weil, a company known for making luxury watches. Typically, their watches go for hundreds, even thousands of dollars….I had no idea, which made my £7.50 purchase an even better deal! Hopefully the watch will last many more years. It already looked practically brand new when I bought it, but no one in the shop knew how old it was, nor could I find any details online.

While I’ve had some luck with finding great deals, this remains one of my favorite deals ever. Where else could I get my elegant Cartier watch for about $10!! I highly recommended visiting thrift shops and boot sales (both UK terms), or in the US, thrift shops, estate sales, and flea markets to see what kinds of treasures you can find. You might even be able to sell your finds for much more than you paid! Although, I won’t be selling my watch, it’s too good of a deal!

Have you had any luck with finding great deals? What’s your favorite?