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Traveling to 4 countries in 1 day: Is it worth it?

Need a new travel challenge? I definitely felt that way after experiencing most every possible travel situation: traveling with family, friends, and solo; traveling using tour companies; and traveling while planning every detail myself. Luckily I had some adventurous friends who were feeling the same way, and we decided to challenge ourselves and have each meal in a different country!

Our day’s itinerary: breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in Liechtenstein, a snack in Austria, and dinner in Germany. Not only that, we wanted to incorporate different types of transportation, including a bus, train, and a ferry. Read on to see if it was worth it or if everything felt too rushed!

One thing I have to emphasize was that we had previously visited each of countries, except for Liechtenstein. However, it’s such a small country that we figured it would be ok to explore it in only a few hours. Plus, we all wanted to visit a new country in our trip.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Starting from St. Gallen, Switzerland, we fueled ourselves for the day with our favorite breakfast foods: bread, smoked salmon, and lots of cheese!

The centre of St. Gallen is so charming and pretty!

St. Gallen Switzerland City Center

St. Gallen Switzerland City Center

We opted to use a bus to get to Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The bus makes frequent stops, you have to change buses, and sometimes you have to wait over an hour when transferring buses. Driving would have been a lot quicker, but it just wasn’t a viable option for us.

The bus costs around $30 for a three-hour journey, which isn’t too expensive.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

On the plus side, being a passenger means you have lots of time to look out the window and see the landscapes. The bus we took was a double-decker bus, and we were able to claim the first seats on the top floor for the best vantage points.

After 3 hours, we finally made it to our destination!

Vaduz Liechtenstein

For lunch, we ate sandwiches that we had made that morning so we wouldn’t spend too much money on our trip. Also, it meant we could splurge a bit more on dinner!

We found an open space with plenty of benches and a view of all the lovely architecture, and then enjoyed our lunch.

Vaduz Liechtenstein

After lunch, we did some sightseeing, but it was really cloudy and we couldn’t see any of the much-lauded vistas here. Hopefully next time! We then headed to the bus stop to catch the bus to Bregenz, Austria.

Bregenz, Austria

The bus to Bregenz costs about $20 and it’s almost a two-hour journey. We were hungry again once we arrived in Bregenz, so we found a cafe and ordered some treats:

Bregenz Austria

Bregenz Austria

We spent some time exploring Bregenz. It’s interesting to visit towns that aren’t too touristy because I get a better understanding of what it’s like to live there.

Bregenz Austria


I didn’t do any research on the cities we were visiting, so it was nice to just go with the flow and discover what each place offered.

This was particularly beautiful and peaceful!

Bregenz Austria


View from the top of the hill:

Bregenz Austria

Some of the architecture was particularly stunning:

Bregenz Austria




Bregenz Austria


Bregenz Austria

The interior of the church was absolutely stunning!


Bregenz Austria

Friedrichshafen, Germany

Next, we took the train to Friedrichshafen, Germany. The train was pretty inexpensive at less than $20 for a 30 minute ride. We decided to walk alongside the water to get to the main part of the town where all the restaurants (and ferry!) are.

Friedrichshafen Germany

After all that traveling, we were ready to have a proper meal in Germany! We found a restaurant that had options that we all agreed on and ordered quickly. Luckily our food arrived shortly thereafter.


After dinner, we walked around a bit until it was time for the ferry to leave. I took lots of pictures but when I got back, I found that I was missing many of them so I’m not sure what happened. I guess that means I have to go back!

The ferry was pretty nice and it had a restaurant, so if we wanted to, we could have eaten on the ferry as well. The ferry was also around $20 and about an hour journey, so before long, we were back in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

So, was traveling to 4 countries in 1 day worth the effort? I have to say YES! It wasn’t stressful at all having to time our visits in each country so we wouldn’t miss the bus, and we got to see much more than I initially thought we would. It helps that we chose to visit cities that aren’t tourist destinations since they weren’t crowded. I also got a feel for what it might be like to live there every day.

I think the main takeaway is that planning is key. We bought our transportation tickets ahead of time if we could, plus we mapped out how to get to each place and the times we had to leave each town. It’s a great strategy to get an overview of a country if you don’t have much time (i.e. if you’re on a business trip or find yourself with an extra day on a trip). Of course, this can’t be done with just any countries. Obviously, countries have to be close enough to travel short distances to, and then you have to decide which cities to visit within those countries.

Thanks for following along! Have you ever visiting more than one country in one day? Would you do it again? What countries would you want to visit in a day? Let me know in the comments!