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The best patisserie (Stohrer) and ice cream (Berthillon) in Paris

When you’re visiting Paris, you expect to be surrounded by delicious food, especially pastries and other sweets. Since there’s so much to choose from and so little time to try it all, I’ve done the “difficult” work by testing out some of the most popular places to make your decision much easier! Let’s find the best patisserie and ice cream in Paris!

Berthillon Paris France best ice cream

Best Patisserie in Paris – Stohrer

Of course you can’t go wrong with Parisian mainstay Ladurée for pastries and sweets, but the fact that they have shops in other countries like the UK and US makes it less of a unique destination in Paris.

Ladurée definitely has some of the most beautiful pastries, but for me, the most delicious pastries can be found at Stohrer.

Stohrer Paris France best patisserie pastries

Since 1730, it can be found on Rue Montorgueil , a long street in the 1st and 2nd arrondissements. Although it’s been around for centuries, Stohrer is something of a hidden gem.

Stohrer Paris France best patisserie pastries

Like many patisseries in Paris, Stohrer is beautiful inside, with gilded details, extravagant ceilings, and chandeliers.


I am kind of obsessed with salted caramel, and when I heard that Stohrer had salted caramel eclairs, I knew I had to make it a priority to try it on my next trip!

Stohrer Paris France best patisserie pastries

Stohrer Paris France best patisserie pastries

It looks like they have a variety of pastries to offer, and they do, but the selection is definitely not as vast as in Ladurée, nor is the shop itself as large as Ladurée’s. Still, it makes up for it with intense flavors and less crowds – therefore, there’s also less of a wait to eat those pastries!

Interior of Stohrer Patisserie in Paris

Another reason Stohrer is my pick is due to its street. Rue Montorgueil is so vibrant, especially on the weekends. There are bakeries, cheese shops, fish markets, butchers, coffee shops, basically almost any type of food. Plus, usually there are free samples to try!

One drawback is that the prices correlate with the excellent quality. The cost of each pastry is typically higher than at most other patisseries – it’s over $6 for a pastry! – but I think it’s worth it. Although once you try the pastries at Stohrer, it might be difficult to eat anywhere else. Better save those euros!

There’s no seating at Stohrer, so you have to take your precious pastries to go. They do pack everything carefully in their signature boxes though.


On this visit, we definitely chose the salted caramel eclair, along with other delicious-looking (and tasting) treats.

Stohrer Paris France best patisserie pastries
The best salted caramel eclair!

Best Ice Cream in Paris – Berthillon

Ice cream isn’t usually what one associates with Paris, but that doesn’t mean that the best can’t be found in Paris. Unlike with Stohrer, which has a lot of competition for best patisserie, when one thinks of ice cream in Paris, the immediate thought is Berthillon.

Its main shop is located near Notre Dame Cathedral on the Ile Saint-Louis; however, you can find many restaurants serving Berthillon ice cream. This is very convenient if you travel all the way to the main shop and find that it’s closed, since you can still eat the famous Berthillon ice cream at another shop close by. Plus, there are so many flavors to choose from!

Berthillon Paris France best ice cream sign

While it’s nice that there are many places that sell Berthillon ice cream, there’s something special about buying ice cream at the main shop. During the summer, the lines can get pretty long. However, if you go during the winter, you’ll find that there’s no wait at all!

Yup, it’s even open during the winter, as I found out during the holidays!

Berthillon Paris France best ice cream

So what makes Berthillon ice cream so good? Just like with Stohrer, the flavors are just so intense and delicious. Plus, the taste is natural and fresh, like they just picked the berries for their sorbet that very morning. It is insanely good!

They also have these unique two-in-one cones that they are known for:

Berthillon Paris France best ice cream

One of those scoops was their salted caramel ice cream – I sense a theme…

There’s nothing better than a couple of scoops of Berthillon ice cream while enjoying this view on the Île de la Cité:

Notre Dame Paris France at night

Perhaps with views like these, every patisserie and ice cream shop can be considered the best in Paris!

I hope you found today’s journey helpful! Have you visited either of these places? Do you agree with my picks? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!