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Solo trip to Biltmore, staying at the Inn at Biltmore Estate, & the best breakfast buffet ever!

On a trip to Newport, RI, I noticed a poster advertising the best privately-owned homes to visit in the US. The largest and most impressive was Biltmore Estate, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. The unique architecture of the mansion was what really caught my eye – it’s amazing! I knew right then that I had my next holiday destination!

I read about it online and found that they decorate the estate for Christmas. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday and I usually visit Walt Disney World in December for Christmas, I decided to add an extra three days to my holiday and stop by North Carolina on my way back home from Orlando. This would be a solo trip as I would be spending one week at Disney with my sister, and then we would fly home separately since we live in different states. So how was staying right on the estate as a solo traveler during Christmas?

Inn at Biltmore Estate Exterior

It was simple enough to get a taxi from the airport directly to Biltmore Estate. Arriving directly from Disney, I appreciated the festive sign as we approached the hotel. Anyone who has stayed on Disney property knows that there are all sorts of signs letting you know that you’re approaching a magical place!


The Inn was really elegant and comfortable, with Christmas decorations displayed throughout the lobby.


The decorations even continued down the long hallways. What was so fantastic about this hotel is that to the left side of this corridor were doors leading to a porch with plenty of chairs to enjoy the view.


I wish I had a porch that was this fancy!

Inn at Biltmore Estate Porch Sitting Area in Winter

Not only was the Inn beautiful, but the views from the porch and balconies were also stunning!

Inn at Biltmore Estate View from Balcony in Winter




The architecture of the Inn itself was not as impressive as Biltmore Estate, but it was still pretty nice.


When I booked the hotel, I booked a package that included the buffet breakfast for my whole stay, admission to Biltmore Estate for my whole stay, a souvenir guidebook, and shuttle service to the different places on the estate grounds, including Biltmore Estate, the Inn, and the winery. I thought this was the ideal way to get around the estate as the shuttle left at designated times and it was very convenient.

I was hungry after arriving, so I headed to their restaurant Stable Café, which is located next to Biltmore House. I read that this restaurant is in a converted stable, hence its name, and I had to eat here!


The old stables are now booths! I found this so charming.


I apologize for the blurry picture of my food, I must have been hungry! The food was really good, and as you can see, the portion was substantial.


After lunch, of course I had to visit the mansion! I didn’t take any pictures inside, which most likely means that photography wasn’t allowed. I suppose that’s why the package tour included a souvenir guidebook. It’s definitely worth visiting the house in person as they have an indoor pool (drained now of course) and quite modern conveniences at the time.

I did take plenty of pictures outside. The mansion itself is so interesting and photogenic. I wish the weather was better!


Biltmore Estate Exterior and Stairs


My favorite part of the house is the spiral staircase, which is the section of the house right in the middle of the photo. Who needs to exercise when you had to use that staircase or walk around that house all day!

Biltmore Estate Exterior Side View Staircase

While I found the grounds beautiful in winter, I can only imagine how gorgeous it is during the spring and summer. All the more reason to go back!

Biltmore Estate Gardens in Winter

Biltmore Estate Side View

I had dinner at the Deerpark¬† Restaurant. It was a buffet and there was a lot of delicious food to choose from. I will say that the restaurant’s lighting in the evening was really dark, so taking pictures of my food without a flash unfortunately didn’t turn out so well. Once again, the food was delicious!

Biltmore Estate Deerpark Restaurant

Biltmore Estate Deerpark Restaurant Sign

I also visited the winery and got to sample some of their wines. Another great reason to take their shuttle!

Biltmore Estate Winery

My absolute favorite part of my trip was the Chef’s Breakfast Buffet at the Inn at Biltmore Estate. I keep telling everyone that this is my favorite breakfast buffet ever, and I’ve traveled to many places and stayed at hotels offering breakfast buffets. This one just had so many choices, including an omelet station, plus endless smoked salmon, and the ambiance couldn’t have been better.

I went back to the buffet multiple times, but here is one of my plates. I loved staying at the Inn and just walking downstairs for a 4-star breakfast every day!

Inn at Biltmore Estate Best Buffet Breakfast

Three days went by quickly, even for a solo trip! There was so much to do that I never felt like I wished I was traveling with someone, and that’s a sign of a really great trip.

Have you visited Biltmore or stayed at their Inn? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!