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The most beautiful café in Budapest

Like so many tourist destinations, there are many restaurants to choose from in Budapest. We ended up not consulting TripAdvisor or similar online crowd-sourced  opinions for places to eat. Instead, we opted to ask the experts – the locals – and who best to recommend than the staff at the check-in desk at the hotel. Well, this turned out to be a terrible decision!

After we arrived in Budapest and checked in, we asked someone at the desk for recommendations on where to have dinner. She gave us directions to a place that was about a 5 minute walk from the hotel, saying that they serve traditional Hungarian food and also had live music. That sounded good to us, so we followed her instructions and easily found the place. We were seated at a table and given a menu, but after 10 minutes, then 15, then 30 minutes, NO ONE came back to take our order!! This was unacceptable, so we decided to just leave and find somewhere that did take away because we were so hungry.

The place we went to was not the most beautiful café in Budapest. However, that story was just to explain why we did the most touristy thing possible to find information in a new city. Near the check-in desk was a stand full of brochures advertising places to see and things to do in Budapest. One in particular highlighted the New York Café as being “the most beautiful café in Budapest”. Well, this we had to see for ourselves!

Boscolo Budapest Hotel

Located in the ornate Boscolo Budapest Hotel, the New York Café was indeed very beautiful. Actually, it was stunning!

Boscolo Budapest Hotel

You can access the New York Café through the hotel or via its own entrance.

Boscolo Budapest Hotel Lobby

The term café led me to think that this would be a small but nicely decorated place, but what we saw instead was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It wouldn’t be out of place in turn of the century Paris…

Paris in Boston Budapest Beautiful Cafe


The “café” had two floors; not unusual for a café, but how many cafés look like this??

Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe

Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe
View from our table
Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe menu
History of the New York Café on the back of the menu
Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe
Ornate ceiling

Even the staircases had intricate carvings at the banisters.

Paris in Boston Budapest Beautiful Cafe

The café was extremely popular and full of people, yet it’s so large that it had an empty room (maybe only available for special events?)

Paris in Boston Budapest Beautiful Cafe

Budapest was at the end of our trip, and this meal was the last one in Budapest, so I really had to be mindful of what I spent on this meal. Accordingly, I ended up ordering one of the least expensive items on the menu, the soup. Or rather, I ordered the consommé. It was good, but I wish I could have ordered a meal that was worthy of this restaurant!

Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe consomme

I completely made up for it by ordering dessert! This raspberry sorbet was the perfect way to end a day of sightseeing in the humid weather.

Budapest Beautiful New York Cafe sorbet

Even if you don’t plan on eating at the New York Café, I think it’s worth it to stop by even to just get a glimpse of the “most beautiful café in Budapest”.

Thanks for joining us as we explore more of Budapest! Have you visited there? Have you eaten at the New York Café?