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Budapest, Hungary in the summertime: Arrival & hotel

Budapest in the summer is extremely hot. In early June, the temperature rose to almost 90F every day, making traveling to and from Budapest quite an adventure!

Traveling by train is probably the best option because the seats are comfortable and the temperature is not too warm or cold, making the long journey from Prague (almost a 7 hour train ride!!) a pleasant one. Plus, the cost was only 20€, can you believe it?? The train from Boston to New York, about a four hour train ride, costs almost 4x that amount.

Seven hours later, we’ve finally arrived at the Budapest Keleti railway station.

Budapest Keleti Train Station
Keleti Train Station

Paris in Boston Budapest Train Station

The train station is a beautiful building and quite a welcoming sight for me, especially not knowing what to expect. It helps that the weather we had on this trip was bright and sunny every day.

The impressive domed interior of the train station. Every train station should be this classy! Paris in Boston Budapest Train Station

Of course, we didn’t forget to exchange our money at a nearby bank for the Hungarian Forint (HUF).

I love seeing foreign countries’ colorful designs on their money. Also, the denominations always make me feel quite rich!

Budapest Currency

We checked our hotel’s address beforehand and knew it was within a short walking distance from the train station.

We found this hotel through an exhaustive search online. Our criteria were that we wanted to be near the metro and also within walking distance to the main train station. If we could also have breakfast included, then it would be ideal.

We also wanted a nice hotel for about 100€ per night, which meant that if we split the cost, it would be only around 50€ each. This is why it’s so great traveling with friends – everything costs a lot less, plus you can try more food!

We found the perfect hotel in Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery by Sofitel.

For two nights, we paid 219.64€ AND it included breakfast with an assortment of tasty foods!

We could spot the hotel as we approached it – it’s the one in the middle that’s a lighter color.

I know, it doesn’t look too impressive at first glance, right? But hold on, let’s go inside…

Paris in Boston Budapest

Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery was very nicely decorated and provided a nice escape from the bustle outside. There were many chairs to rest for a bit, flowers to bring some color and freshness indoors, and lots of space so visitors didn’t feel crowded, which was usually the case when outdoors in Budapest.

Paris in Boston Budapest Hotel

On the left side is when you check-in & check-out, but it’s also where you can buy tour tickets and get advice on where to eat. Luckily, they accepted credit cards, as do many shops and restaurants in Budapest. The staff were very helpful here!

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery lobby

You could even order drinks and food from the bar and eat on the other side of the lobby.

Here is where the hotel really impressed us. To get upstairs to the rooms and gym, you had the option of taking the elevator or using these staircases fit for royalty.

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery staircase

It was like having to walk through a museum or another reverent place!

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery staircase

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery staircase

Quick view outside the hotel.

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery

Paris in Boston Budapest Hotel

Still walking up the stairs to the room!

Paris in Boston Budapest Hotel

The rooms weren’t quite as splendid as that staircase might indicate, but they were comfortable and clean. Best of all, the main accent color was purple, my favorite color, so it won high marks from me!

The bathroom was really small and the door didn’t have a lock on it. Just something to keep in mind if you’re traveling with kids.

As you can also see, tables and closet space were lacking. Luckily, we packed light, just a handbag and a backpack each. They did have a safe, which is convenient if you want to leave your passport and computer in the room.

Budapest Hotel Nemzeti Budapest Mgallery room

Next time, we’ll explore Budapest and visit a gorgeous cafe fit for a princess.

Thanks for joining us as we venture off to Budapest!