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Discovering the Philippines

On my first visit to the Philippines, I saw many scenes that I expected from images in books and on tv. However, I also discovered that people really like fences, and some of the most nondescript houses had some really ornate fences!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good camera on this trip, so please excuse the quality of my photos.

First, let’s see a common form of inexpensive transportation. Similar types of vehicles can now be found in major cities like London and Boston (but with fares that are much more expensive!).

Philippines bike transportation

These types of houses were what I was expecting in the Philippines. Although they look like a strong wind could cause these homes to tumble down, these were very sturdy and quite spacious inside!

You might not think it, but inside they had all the modern conveniences we’re used to, such as flat screen tvs, air conditioning, and even karaoke machines! Frankly, they had technology that I didn’t even have at home.

Philippines hut house

A seemingly precarious path to another house – just a typical part of everyday life!

No matter how small or big the house, fences seem to be commonplace.

Paris in Philippines hut house bridge Philippines

Just a glimpse of the lush green landscape in the Philippines.

Paris in Boston Philippines

Here are more modern houses; their fences are also upgraded in wrought iron and intricate details.

Again, these houses were so spacious and beautiful inside. I felt rude asking to take pictures inside, so that’s why I don’t have any of the interiors.

Paris in Boston Philippines

A cute house I wouldn’t mind living in.

Paris in Boston Philippines

This building is a hotel, but it also had a nice fence surrounding it. There’s not much space, but they seem to make it work!

Philippines house and fence

Near the hotel, there are places to eat and shop. It was really fun exploring such a different environment, yet everything still felt welcoming and approachable.

Paris in Boston Philippines

Next February my grandma is turning 100, so I’ll be visiting the Philippines again and hopefully have a better camera!

It’ll be fun to see if I remember these places and observe if homeowners still pride themselves on having nice fences around their homes.

Have you been to the Philippines? What was your favorite place to visit?