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Let’s Visit Óbidos, Portugal!

Last week I mentioned I just returned from an 18-day European Cruise with YMT. I visited some new places, but only one made it to my list of favorite European cities – Óbidos, Portugal!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you might have noticed I posted quite a few pics from my visit to Óbidos, and that’s because it’s so quaint and picturesque. For such a small town, it has truly unique architecture and welcoming facades. I felt like I stopped every 5 steps in order to capture something beautiful I saw in Óbidos. Today, let’s just wander around and enjoy the timeless beauty of Óbidos.

I had already visited Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, and Lagos on my previous trip, so I didn’t have any expectations when I heard my tour was visiting Óbidos. I only knew it was in Portugal, which is a country I really loved visiting due to its colorful buildings. Most of all, I was in awe of all the beautiful tiles covering walls and facades of buildings. It wasn’t difficult to see why Portugal is known for its tilework!

On this trip, however, here was my first glimpse of Óbidos. I immediately knew this city was going to be truly special.

Paris in Boston Obidos Portugal

On such a grey day, the vibrant colors really stood out and made quite an impression.

Obidos Portugal white and blue wall and bike
A perfect Óbidos scene

There’s intricate tilework here, even in such a small passageway.

Paris in Boston Obidos Portugal

The first of many welcoming and colorful facades.

Obidos Portugal blue and white house

The charming town is full of small shops selling food and souvenirs.

Obidos Portugal shops

Let’s peek to our left: such a pretty little corner to live and walk by every day.

Obidos Portugal yellow staircase

The facades just keep on getting more charming! This one is so different from the last house, but it seems like they all require walking up some steep steps.

Obidos Portugal blue door
Another picture-perfect and colorful scene!

Another truly idyllic and peaceful spot. Can you just picture a J.Crew photoshoot or even wedding pictures taken here?

Obidos Portugal beautiful path

Let’s continue walking along the shops. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the time of year, but it really wasn’t too crowded here. It really seemed like a hidden jewel in Portugal.

Obidos Portugal colorful shops
It’s just so charming to be real!

It’s one photogenic location after another. This one is again uphill, but at least you’d pass by some gorgeous flowers along the way.

Paris in Boston Obidos Portugal

We’re almost done wandering around Óbidos, but here’s a view that reminds me of a village that Cinderella or Belle from Beauty & the Beast might have lived in. Pure fairy tale magic!

Obidos Portugal colorful houses
A fairy-tale village

What do you think of Óbidos? The pics don’t do this lovely city justice, you have to see it in person to really appreciate all its beauty!

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