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Sushi in Europe: Paris

Whenever I travel, I always try to find a great sushi restaurant. I’ve found some excellent places, but also a few duds. I thought it would be helpful to write reviews about my experiences in case you ever travel to these cities and are craving some sushi.

First, let’s eat some sushi at my favorite sushi place in Paris!

Paris in Boston Best Sushi

Name of Restaurant: Printemps Sushi

How apropo to review this restaurant at the start of the spring season, as Printemps means “spring” in French.

Their sushi is so good, I’ve eaten here on my past 5 visits to Paris, and each time, it did not disappoint.

Location: This sushi restaurant is very close to the Centre Pompidou in the 4th arrondissement. This restaurant is very small, so I couldn’t even find an official website.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is a popular tourist destination not only because it’s a museum, but also because it’s a very controversial (at the time it was built) building due to its architectural style and showcasing of the colorful pipes.


Ambiance: Small, but clean and pleasant

There are probably less than 10 tables available for diners. Whenever I visited the restaurant, it was usually for lunch around noon, so it’s never been busy. I’m not sure how the restaurant is when it’s busier, but if you go early, the service should be very pleasant and attentive.

Menu: Diverse options, excellent prices

The menu here is pretty thorough and many pages long, offering traditional starters and specialty sushi rolls.

The main thing I like about the menu is that there are many choices for set options at various price points. If you know you want sushi and sashimi, there are a few options for you, as well as some with meat and tempura.

Paris Best Sushi sashimi

What drew me in was that they had several set options that included sashimi AND gyoza (dumplings), two of my favorite sushi items.

Paris Best Sushi gyoza

Most of the set options also include miso soup, salad, and rice.

Paris Best Sushi sashimi set

Quality: Excellent

The sushi here tasted very fresh and the gyoza was fried to perfection. The included miso soup was excellent as well and not too salty. The salad was made mostly of cabbage with a refreshing citrus & ginger dressing, and the rice was also cooked well and a good portion.

Each of the five times I’ve visited, I’ve ordered the same thing (the set menu of 9 pieces of sashimi and 5 gyozas…but I think I was hungry one time and ordered the set menu with more sashimi) and every time the quality was high and consistent.

Paris in Boston Best Sushi

Paris Best Sushi sashimi set

Value: Excellent

This set option I usually chose was under 13‎€, making it a really great value!

Since there are many set options, you can select based on your budget. Of course, you can also create your own menu from the many items listed. I do think that the set options offer the best value, and there should be an option for any palate.

Helpful Tip: If you want to order a drink, the wines are much cheaper than sodas, so I found myself ordering either green tea or rosé wine, as the soda would have been almost 4€ more! This is usually the case in many French restaurants. I once paid 8€ for a soda when some wines cost less than 3€…never again!!!

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