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Parks of Paris: Parc Monceau

It’s time to visit another beautiful park in Paris!  This time, we’ll travel to Parc Monceau in the 8th arrondissement.  While not as extravagant as the Jardin du Luxembourg, Parc Monceau is still a large and lovely park, with unique elements that make it worthwhile to visit.

The park is quite easy to get to, just take the Metro to the Monceau stop and the entrance to the park is just though the elaborate gates on your left.

Paris Parc Monceau metro station
Monceau Metro stop beside the ornate gates of Park Monceau

If you’re curious about its history, make sure to read the signs at the gate entrances.

Paris Parc Monceau sign
Parc Monceau sign explaining a bit of its history

Entering the park, it doesn’t look that special or unique, but as you take your time to meander around, you’ll find charming little areas in the park.

First, you arrive at this charming bridge.

Paris Parc Monceau bridge

It looks like a scene that Monet would have painted, the bridge perfectly reflected in the leaf-scattered waters. If there was an easel somewhere close by, it wouldn’t be surprising at all!

However, this isn’t the main draw of Parc Monceau. Hidden inside this park is a scene reminiscent of Greek ruins that can transport you to a different era and country.

Seeing the Greek Collanade in person can leave one speechless, it really is an amazing sight to see  in Paris!

Let’s just walk around and explore this beautiful and serene area:

Parc Monceau Greek Columns

Parc Monceau Greek Columns


Paris in Boston Parc Monceau

While there are a few seats around this area to sit and relax in, there are plenty of seating areas around the park, plus there’s always room on the grassy areas.

This park is a perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon with friends or family, so bring a nice picnic and enjoy one of the best, beautiful, and FREE places to visit in Paris!

Have you visited Parc Monceau? What was your favorite or most unexpected sight there? Leave us a comment to let us know!  Thanks for reading!


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